Vision Statement

est de rassembler autant d’hommes et de femmes d’Haiti et du monde entier pour former une NOTRE VISION

Notre vision armee d’intecessurs soudes par le lien d’unite, d’harmonie et d’amour pour contrecarer les pratiques de la religion du vodou, de declarer et conqueror la deliverance spirituelle d’Haiti.

Nous croyons que cette vision peut s’accomplir tandis que …

Worship: Our goal is to become a free nation whose values and beliefs are rooted in the word of God while making sure that our worship, prayer life, preaching, and teaching are always in accordance with the Bible.

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation:Our goal is to be an organization in which every stewardship is educated in the word (Bible) and well trained to fulfill God’s purposes in their individual or collectives lives within VIHAMO, Haiti and the world.

Body Life: Our goal is to be an organization in which everyone who participate or become part of, feel that is loved and accepted, and is quickly assimilated into the body of Christ, and which every person has opportunity to build strong Christian relationships.

 Evangelism: Our goal is to be an organization with a strong presence and spiritual influence within the Haitian communities, the country and the world as we make an effort to do our part to fulfill the Great Commission of bringing the Gospel of Christ to all peoples, leading them into the kingdom of God.

Community Involvement: Our goal is to build strong communities by providing them with the help and the services they need in all aspects of life, spiritual, social, political, and medical. We want to be known for the acts of service, love, and compassion.

Leadership: Our goal is to be an organization with strong leadership base that is able to lead this country in obedience to the word of God.